Purple Contact Lenses

Purple contact lenses for that special look

Purple Contact Lenses

Purple contact lenses – If you want your appearance to be magic and to make your eyes more beautiful, you should choose purple contact lenses. Purple contacts really make a statement and can look as soft and pretty or bright and shocking as you like.These lenses come in a great choice of designs, from pretty colored lenses to extreme Halloween contacts. Purple is a very flattering color, which means that these lenses have a brightening effect on your complexion.If you are looking to create the perfect Halloween or fancy dress costume then our ranges of scary and freaky lenses are the best way to help accessorize.If you love attention and all eyes on you, then these are certainly your kind of color contact lenses.

Very big range of these contact lenses you can find and order on YouKnowIt.com web site, of course. There are about 20 different styles of theses lens on this site. Prices are between 7 – 17$. In these 20 styles you can find very interesting contact lenses, like Fleur De Lis Contact Lenses (7$). These purple contact lenses feature the classic fleur de lis symbol on a solid purple background. The color is opaque and covers up any eye color completely. They are available as a single lens or pair. Once opened, they last for 90 days. They are for dark and light colored eyes.

One more web site containing these type of contact lenses is FourEyez.com. They have about 30 different styles of good quality purple lenses. Prices are between 10 – 25$. These lenses have a life span of 3 months once opened and all designs come as a pair.These lenses are made of Hydro gel material which will keep the eyes hydrated and offer all day comfort. They are suitable for dark and light eyes. On this web site you can also find and order a contact lenses set (about 4$).

Web site eyes-bright.com offers a couple styles of purple contact lenses, which costs about 20$. On this site you can find passionate purple contact lenses, which can be used for any occasion and with any outfit. These purple color contact lenses offer you a truly bold and fashions forward statement. If you love attention and would do almost anything to get it, then these are most certainly the lenses for you. There is no need to worry about them being able to cover your natural dark eye shade.

Yearly lenses can last up to 1 year with careful use. Lenses should be worn no more than 90 times in total and between uses should be stored correctly. These contact lenses you can buy for 17$. A pair of these purple contact lenses will instantly brighten your eyes, opening up the whole eye area.Mysterious and inviting, purple contact lenses from this site will give you truly incredible eyes and they are perfect for all types of eyes.

Purple colored contact lenses are very useful for every day situations, as well as for parties, Halloween, etc. People should ensure that they make the right choices when purchasing the color contact lenses.


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Impressions Violet Contact Lenses– $25.95Impressions Violet contact lenses use a bursting light Violet pattern that’s surrounded by deeper colored rim for contrast and beauty. Ideal for all eye-types, Impressions contact lenses are made for both men and women. As is true with all contact lens products, a prescription is necessary for any lens type prior to purchase.
Bella Violet Rose Contact Lenses– $25.95Bella Violet Rose cosmetic lenses show off a unique and feminine look, and are a great way to stand out from the crowd. Bella designer lenses are not only fashionable, but are also great for vision correction as well as eye color alteration. As with all contacts, a prescription from an eye doctor is required by the FDA prior to purchasing, even for plano style lenses.
ColorMax Violet Halloween Contact Lenses– $28.95Special Effects lenses will give your costume the edge and uniqueness everyone will love. Angelic Red Contacts are the perfect way to complete that Halloween costume you’ve been working on.
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