Green colored contact lenses

Green colored contact lenses a special style

Green colored contact lenses

Green colored contact lenses

Green colored contact lenses – If you want to change your eye color, you have to know how to get your colored contact lenses to change your eye color. There is a few steps that you have to follow when you want to buy lenses.

1.    Determine what kind of contact lens to get. This will depend on whether or not you have pre-existing problems with your vision. There are two different kinds of colored contacts: Prescription and Plano. Prescription contact lenses are used on people who are near-sighted, far-sighted, or have an astigmatism. Prescription colored lenses change the color of your eye while also correcting your vision. Plano contact lenses are purely for cosmetic purposes. These contact lenses do not alter your vision in any way.

2.    Pick a color. You can either choose an everyday color that mimics the look of a natural eye, or spice up your Halloween costume with patterned lenses.

3.    Make an appointment with your optometrist. Both prescription and plan contact lenses are classified as medical devices by the FDA, and you will need to be given a prescription.

4.    Ask your optometrist if colored contacts are right for you. Remember that not everybody can safely wear contacts, as it depends on the shape and health of your eye.

To appear more mysterious, choose Green colored contact lenses.Transform your look with excellent range of natural green contact lenses. Green contacts are designed to give you a natural-looking color and come in a choice of beautifully blended designs. You can choose to add a subtle green tint to your natural eye color or completely change your look with intense green eyes.Green contacts suit everyone because they compliment a wide range of skin tones. They brighten the eye area and are very flattering.

Web-site has a big range of green contact lenses and their prices are 20-25$. Green contact lenses are also good for every-day usage. Green colored circle contacts bring depth and personality to your style. For those who have a specific look in mind, green colored contact lenses will put the finishing touch to every outfit.Very interesting design of green contacts has Anaconda contacts..

These lenses will really make your eyes stand out with their bold green color and classic vertical pupil making them the finishing touch for any Halloween or animal costume.

Web-site has a many different types of green lenses. Dragon Alchemy Contact Lenses are the best one from that range. These amazing contacts feature a black dragon on a bright green background. They look very bright and eye-catching – perfect for attention seekers. You can buy these for just 20$, but you can wear them maximum of 8 hours. also has a big range of Halloween green lenses, which are lower quality, but lower price, too. These lenses are not for every day usage.

All in all, green contact lenses are first choice of many color options.

Gorgeous!Green Hazel 9mmsfx retouched obama girl contact lenses(faded)got retouched

These are the same lenses i had before but retouched for darker piner green like obama girls.and they look very nice now!I looked at the website t…

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Eye color color

blue nor green pigments are ever … especially for lighter-colored eyes. … having Van Cleef wear brown contact lenses David Bowie , on the other …



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Venus Leaf Green Contact Lenses– $25.95Venus Leaf Green contact lenses are Leaf Green colored lenses that give a bright and cheerful appearance. Made for comfortable wear and a unique look, Venus lenses are practical for both men and women, and come in plano as well as corrective lens types. To purchase all types of Venus brand contacts, a prescription is required by the FDA from your eye doctor.
ColorMax Green Halloween Contact Lenses– $28.95Special Effects lenses will give your costume the edge and uniqueness everyone will love. Angelic Red Contacts are the perfect way to complete that Halloween costume you’ve been working on.
Sport Tint Grey Green Contact Lenses– $69.95 Grey-Green Sport Tint Contact Lenses use a grey-green tint to improve visual perception, which gives athletes an edge over their competition. Grey-Green tint specifically blocks excess brightness, mildly increases contrast, and won’t distort color balance. Grey-Green Sport Tint lenses are ideal for sports played in the bright sun such as Golf, Baseball, and Tennis. As with all contacts, sports tinted contacts require a doctor’s prescription prior to ordering online.

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