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If you have fairer skin, select blue lenses,  that can awaken a spirited, clean and fresher attractiveness, particularly for women. Also,  if you love the ocean and the sky, there’s a sweet and simple way to bring a little bit of that blue wonder into your life, by choosing blue or aqua contact lenses. Blue contact lenses are very flattering and really open up your eyes, perfect for making a statement or trying out a new color.


Whether you wish to change your naturally dark colored eyes or wish to possess a brighter and bolder eye color these blue contact lenses will give you all the confidence you could ever need.There are hundreds of different styles of blue lenses on the Internet, from fantasy styles to wonderfully natural-looking blue contacts. Sparkling blue eyes are extremely attractive and with blue contact lenses your eyes will ooze with appeal.

These fashion lenses are remarkable and will instantly update your look and bring color into your face, but most importantly they are perfect for any occasion and also for every day usage.

When it comes to the Halloween blue contact lenses, this color has many different styles, from monster – effect to scary, and electric blue lenses.
Web site has a big range of different styles of these blue colored lenses. Customers can choose between dark blue lenses, which costs about $16-15, and cool Argentien flag lenses, which also costs $15. Whether you are after a subtle change of your natural eye color or a completely new shade, Eyes-bright has a vast choice of blue color contact lenses just for you. From their natural color contact lenses to outrageous crazy range there is sure to be a blue lens that will take your fancy, a shade of blue for every mood.


One more web site that we can not forget is It also has a big range of different blue colored contact lenses. Many of these lenses are very cheap, so everyone can buy it. Average price is about $8 per pair of lenses. They also have a specific range of natural blue contact lenses for a more subtle look.


Fresh Colors blue contact lenses are also very popular. Fresh Colors contact lenses can be worn for 30 days over a 12 month period if cared for correctly, all Fresh Colors lenses are non prescription and offer no added vision powers which is why they are so popular for cosmetic and fashion use, in other words they are for people who do not need to wear contact lenses or glasses and just wish to change their eye color. They are also good for people who have light eyes and want bolder colors, each lens goes through a special layering process adding 10x more color than any other lens company can offer to ensure the wearer will get the most color from their lenses.


Blue colored contact lenses are good for every occasion, and goes with every outfit. The blue colored contact lens is suitable for both genders.


Most Beautiful Blue Color Contact Lenses Collection

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1) Blue Coloured and Crazy Contact Lenses – Four Eyez

http://www.foureyez.comSat, 11 May 2013 09:00:34 GMT

After watching the Apprentice I saw that Uzma has some very bright blue eyes, so if you want eyes like Uzma then I would recommend our range of blue contact lenses. Our ranges of blue contacts come in crazy and natural 


2) Venus Pacific Blue Contact Lenses | Linkshots

http://linkshots123.wordpress.comFri, 07 Jun 2013 10:34:19 GMT

Venus Pacific Blue contact lenses are cool blue contact lenses that give a laid back natural appearance. Made for comfortable wear and a beautiful look, Venus lenses are popular among both men and women, and come in 


3) Mesmerised! MesmerEyez Saphhire Blue Contact Lenses Review

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4) Scary Blue Contact Lenses | Special effects contacts

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These are the blue contact lenses that I used for my Vampire/Halloween look. They’re from a website: and the colour is Blue Batik 😀 xx A … The zombies outnumber the living five to two zombie contacts


5) I fairy Vassen Ash Blue Color Contact Lenses – UNIQSO

http://uniqsoblog.blogspot.comFri, 07 Jun 2013 15:05:00 GMT

Get the vibrant blue in your eyes with I fairy ash blue color contact lenses. They work pretty well on dark brown eyes as you can see in this review. I Fairy Vassen blue color contact lenses are very much opaque and pigmented 


Color Contacts For Even The DARKEST Eyes ♥(Circle Lenses)

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Optics and vision and vision

Contact lenses … invisible—many commercial lenses are tinted a faint blue to make them more visible when immersed in cleaning and storage solutions. …

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Venus Ice Blue Contact Lenses– $25.95Venus Ice Blue contact lenses are Ice Blue colored lenses show off a bright and vibrant appearance. Made for comfortable wear and stunning beauty, Venus lenses are practical for both men and women, and come in plano as well as corrective lens varieties. In order to purchase Venus brand contact lenses, a prescription is necessary from an eye doctor, even for plano style lenses.
Blue Pinwheel Halloween Contact Lenses– $28.95Special Effects lenses will give your costume the edge and uniqueness everyone will love. Blue Pinwheel Contact Lenses are the perfect way to complete that Halloween costume you’ve been working on.
Impressions Blue Contact Lenses– $25.95Impressions Blue contact lenses use a bursting light blue pattern that is surrounded by a darker rim to give the eyes a dramatic contrast and natural look. Ideal for all eye-types, Impressions contact lenses are made for both men and women. As is true with all contact lens products, a prescription from an eye doctor is required by the FDA prior to purchase.

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